Medical Bankruptcies: Filing Chapter 7


Medical Bankruptcy: Filing Chapter 7

Acker Warren, P.C., represents individuals who file Chapter 7 bankruptcy for medical debt relief in the Dallas Fort-Worth community. Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be the most cost-effective and easiest way to resolve mounting medical debt. Medical debt is an extremely popular reason people look for bankruptcy relief, so contact the right team of attorneys to wipe out your debt.

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Medical Debt

Healthcare is one of the biggest expenses for many Americans. As a result, unpaid medical bills are often a major contributing factor to needing to file a bankruptcy. While there’s not a specific category for a “medical bankruptcy”, many people file chapter 7 bankruptcy to acheive medical debt relief. If you file a bankruptcy because of medical debt, you will get the added benefit of discharging other kinds of debt such as credit card debt, pay day loan debt, etc.

How Chapter 7 Can Provide Medical Debt Relief

While there isn’t a specific category for medical bankruptcies, many people file chapter 7 bankruptcy to achieve medical debt relief. Medical debts are treated as nonpriority, unsecured debt in Chapter 7. Other unsecured debts that fall into this category are credit card debts and personal loans. These types of debt are almost always discharged in bankruptcy.

Filing for bankruptcy is a hard decision. However, it’s also a chance for you to get a fresh start and get rid of overwhelming debt. At Acker Warren, P.C., we want to provide you with the legal advice you need to find medical debt relief.

Medical Bankruptcy - Medical Bankruptcies: Filing Chapter 7


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