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Sean Acker and Brandon Warren formed Acker Warren, P.C. to provide bankruptcy law legal services to the Dallas/Fort Worth community. Collectively, Sean and Brandon have 15+ years of bankruptcy law experience in Fort Worth & Arlington and they've helped thousands of clients find debt relief and avoid having properties being repossessed through the alternatives the financial system and chapter 13, chapter 11, and chapter 7 bankruptcy processes offer.

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chapter 7


Acker Warren, P.C. represents people and businesses who need Chapter 7 bankruptcy to find relief from debt. The most common types of debts our clients eliminate in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy are credit cards, payday loans, signature loans, medical bills, utility bills, judgments, and deficiency balances due to a repossession or foreclosure.

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chapter 11


Find expert bankruptcy attorney services with Acker Warren P.C. We represent businesses and individuals in need of Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. This chapter is for high income and high debt businesses and individuals to reorganize their business affairs, debts, and assets.

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chapter 13


Acker Warren, P.C. represents those who need to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy. It is most commonly filed to repay mortgage arrears, IRS debts, or child support arrears. Upon completion of a Chapter 13 plan many of our clients discharge credit cards debts, payday loans, medical bills, and deficiency balances due to a repossession or foreclosure without repayment in full.

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Brandon & Sean

Brandon and Sean have worked together in the bankruptcy field since 2011, offering top-notch & low-cost bankruptcy attorney services, changing the lives of Arlington and Fort Worth residents for the better. However, their ties go back much further than that. Brandon and Sean are cousins and grew up together. Now both are highly experienced bankruptcy lawyers, and their strong bond allows them to work exceptionally well together to provide their clients outstanding counsel.


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