Credit Card Debt Relief


At Acker Warren, P.C., we represent businesses and individuals who need Chapter 7 bankruptcy for credit card debt relief in the Dallas Fort-Worth community. Filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy is oftentimes the easiest and cheapest way to resolve debt effectively. Chapter 7 bankruptcy can give you a fresh start and eliminate your debts quickly.

People are sometimes afraid to file a bankruptcy based on preconceived notions. Most clients report to us that it is easy to rebuild their credit and secure a loan after filing bankruptcy. Almost all clients receive offers to finance vehicles even while in the middle of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Our clients also report that obtaining a credit card after discharge is usually very simple and often can be obtained the month after the bankruptcy discharge. Our office will give you guidance on how to responsibly and effectively use this ability to obtain credit post-discharge

Credit Card Debt Relief Program

Credit card companies raise your interest rate if you’re behind on your payments. These companies charge late fees, over-the-balance fees, and other fees that increase your debt. When this happens, credit card companies often turn over your account to debt collectors. Debt collectors are known for calling you at work, looking for you at home, and being very annoying, which can cause debtor’s an enormous amount of stress. Debt collector’s constant harassing can take a toll on your wellbeing. Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be a life-line to escape this harassment.

Get one step closer to getting your life back

Chapter 7 bankruptcy can provide you with credit card debt relief, as it usually erases all credit card debt. If your income is not sufficient to pay back your debt, you may qualify for chapter 7. Filing for chapter 7 will put a stop on debt collector harassment, and the unsecured debt gets wiped out.

Credit Card Debt Relief - Credit Card Debt Relief

Unsecured debt is a type of debt that’s not backed by collateral. This includes credit card debt, utility bills, medical bills, and other types of credit without collateral. A secured debt is the one backed by collateral; a house or car, for example.

Why should you file for bankruptcy for Credit Card Debt Relief?

Credit card debt hurts your credit and it’s harder to explain to lenders than bankruptcy. When you declare yourself bankrupt, you have a chance to start fresh and get back on your feet. Start rebuilding your credit and say goodbye to the harassing phone calls from debt collectors with Acker Warren, P.C.


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